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Trupanion Jobs: Use your Veterinary Background to Help Pets

If you work in the veterinary field and are looking to make a career change, look no further. Trupanion jobs are available. And to the point, you can use your veterinary experience and medical knowledge to help dogs and cats every day. If this sounds like a dream job, consider joining our expanding claims department […] The post Trupanion Jobs: Use your Veterinary Background to Help Pets appeared first on The Trupanion Blog. Source link


Podcast: KHN’s ‘What The Health’ Surprise! Fixing Surprise Medical Bills Is Harder Than it Looks

Julie Rovner Kaiser Health News @jrovner Read Julie's Stories Anna Edney Bloomberg @annaedney Read Anna's Stories Joanne Kenen Politico @JoanneKenen Read Joanne's Stories Alice Miranda Ollstein Politico @AliceOllstein Read Alice's Stories Surprise medical bills — when patients receive an unexpected bill from a health provider not in their insurance network — are among the few problems in health care just about everyone wants to solve. But it turns out that no one in the health industry wants to take responsibility for paying those bills. That could complicate efforts toward a legislative fix, despite bipartisan [...]


Why I fight to save Obamacare

In 2011, when I was 25 – and just three weeks away from college graduation – I felt pain in my right knee that wouldn’t go away. I was an avid runner and was leading a healthy lifestyle, and that’s why I thought I had just twisted my knee. But a visit to my doctor didn’t reveal a torn ligament, a sprain or a fractured kneecap. At age 25, an MRI of my knee revealed a tumor. I was [...]