Airtel Uganda Internship Program 2019 for young Ugandans

The Airtel Uganda Internship Program is an annual opportunity for many young people to work with the telecom giant in select departments. In June 2010, Airtel Uganda was launched and is today one of Uganda’s most innovative mobile phone operator, which has introduced many “firsts” in the telecommunications sector. Airtel Uganda understands how many youth feel […] Source link


Planning or expecting a baby? Ask your insurer these questions now

The cost of having a baby can be over $20,000. To put it into perspective that’s about one year of tuition from a public university.  While we recognize health insurance and medical care is expensive, not having insurance can be devastating. Health insurance reduces the financial burden because of the insurer’s bargaining power with medical providers. In addition to these lower charges, after a member’s deductibles and co-pays are met, the insurer picks up most of the remaining charges. [...]