20 Excellence Scholarships + 10 Development Courses with Scholarships

20 Excellence Scholarships + 10 Development Courses with Scholarships

To help you in your search, scholars4dev.com has compiled links to full and partial excellence scholarships for international students as well as development-related courses that are funded by Swiss Universities and other countries like UK, Germany, Canada. Also featured are online development-related courses which have free/low tuition fees.


20 Excellence Scholarships for International Students


Currently, there are a few excellence scholarship programs with upcoming deadlines or that are opening soon that support development-related courses:

  • • Chevening Scholarships

  • • Swiss Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Students

  • • Gates Cambridge Scholarships

  • • ETH Excellence Scholarships

  • • ENS International Selection


Here are some development-related courses that are supported with a scholarship(s) with upcoming deadlines or opening soon:

  • • Equity Studies (BS) at University of Toronto

  • • Geosciences (MSc) at Ecole Normale Supérieure

  • • Sustainable Energy Technology (MSc) at TU Delft

  • • Agricultural Sciences (MSc) at ETH Zurich

  • • Tropical Forestry (MSc) at Technical University Dresden

There are also development-related EdX Masters and Professional Certificate Programs offered by top Universities that have minimal tuition fee or are free to take:

  • • Micro Masters in Human Rights (Curtin University)

  • • Micro Masters in Solar Energy Engineering (TU Delft)

  • • Micro Masters in Bio-based Sciences for Sustainability (Wageningen University) 

  • • Micro Masters in Leadership in Global Development (Queensland University)

  • • Micro Masters in Social Work: Practice, Policy and Research (University of Michigan)

  • •  Micro Masters in Sustainable Energy (Queensland University)

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