7 Ways To Use SEO To Enhance Lead Generation

7 Ways To Use SEO To Enhance Lead Generation

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which can make your website appear to the public through the results generated by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Once the customer is on your website through SEO, you want them to buy your product to increase your sales. This is where Lead Generation kicks in. It is the process through which entrants become the buyers of your products.

If you are a business, you cannot survive without a presence on the internet in today’s world. And to thrive on the internet, you need great SEO management of your website and ways to enhance lead generation.

We have come up with 7 mind-blowing ideas for you to strengthen your lead generation so that no one leaves your website without becoming your customer.

To know and understand the ideology behind the phrase ‘User Intent’ is very essential to increase your visibility on the search engines. Understanding User Intent leads you to manage your SEO and generate lead.

There are five components of User Intent:

The first one is Know by which the user of the search engines just wants to gain knowledge about a certain product.

The second is Do which shows that the user wants to perform an activity online.

The third one is Buy; the user uses the keywords which show his intention of buying a certain product.

The fourth is Web which tells that a user wants to visit several websites.

And the fifth one is Local which shows the intent of the user to go to a store to get the product. 

Once you know precisely what kind of users you are aiming for, it is easier to determine their intent. Once the User Intent is clear, you can generate lead through the appropriate use of SEO. 

Long Tail Keywords are the longer phrases users use to search what they are looking for. Unlike before, people are now using longer and specific keywords to look for what they want.

As per stats, 70% of the users are searching the web through long-tail keywords. Statistics also tell us that four words are the most used long-tail keywords. Moreover, 75% of Amazon’s lead generation is through long-tail keywords. For example, if someone wants to buy shoes, he would write exactly what he wants which would look something like this: ‘Nike Waterproof Running Shoes.’ Note that he would still have a variety of options to choose from.

Thus, it is essential to manage SEO considering the users’ searches through long-tail keywords. If you’re not comfortable with keyword research or if you just don’t have the time, you might need to outsource and hire a service like Marketing Gurus Online to do the work for you because they know the best! 

Google is mobile friendly and it provides many websites with tools that make any website mobile-friendly. People are not only searching for products through their phones with the intent of gaining knowledge but also with the intent of buying.

As per stats, 78% of mobile searches lead to local purchases. If your website is not mobile-friendly your website does not have many chances of getting the needed amount of views. Also, your chances of lead generation would decrease to a considerable amount just because people find it hard to access your website on their phones.

Having a mobile-friendly website is more essential than it might seem. It is capable of changing the game for you as more and more people are shifting to their phones because mobiles are becoming easier and more efficient to use.

Generally, when you are optimizing your website for search engines, you are focusing on your home page. It works but it does not work wonders. To achieve the maximum lead generation, you need all of the pages of your website optimized for search engines.

In fact, if you take care of SEO for your landing pages, it can prove much better than you might have expected. It is so because your home page does not cater to the needs of the users but your landing pages do that. So, if your users can access exactly what they are looking for in one click, you have more chances of generating leads and turning entrants into your customers. 

Social media has encapsulated the whole internet and turned into an uncontrollable frenzy. This has made businesses with an online presence to use social media as an SEO strategy.

As stats tell us 80% of people use social media to look for things they want. The greatest benefit of social media is that once someone enters the world of your business you can keep that person updated all the time. This automatically increases your chances of generating leads.

It is now clear that most people stay connected to brands through social media. So, make sure you have an active presence on social media and that your business accounts are a good representation of your actual websites. 

One of the factors of SEO is how fast your website is. Search engines do not put your website up on search results if it is slow because it shows that it is poorly optimized. Also, the faster your website the more user-friendly it is.

So, make sure you are using a trusted web host like BlogPress, optimizing your website’s scripts, removing the unnecessary baggage, and managing your files. If you have a quick website, you have a much higher chance of generating leads because users always prefer a responsive website. 

You can have the best SEO but if your content is poor, you will not be able to generate leads. Having great optimization lets your website become available for the users. But remember that the same user has other websites to choose from too.

If a user opens three websites matching his keywords, where will he stop? Of course, where he finds the quality content. Make sure your website has everything that looks great to the eye and to the mind. You can include blogs, videos, animations, reviews, infographics… whatever you believe will serve well for the user intent. 

This lead generating world is fast and growing. Hubspot has a beginner’s guide to understanding this world. You might also want to check on some big statistics to know where this world is heading. And do not worry about investing too much into this as Forbes have some amazing tips to cheap lead generation.

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