AppLock Latest Version APK Download

AppLock Latest Version APK Download

AppLock Latest Version APK Download

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Avoid unauthorized access and protect privacy. Make sure safety.
☞ AppLock can conceal videos and pictures. Hidden videos and pictures have been disappeared from Gallery and just visible in the picture and movie vault. Shield private memories readily. No snare, no way.
☞AppLock has an arbitrary computer keyboard and imperceptible pattern lock. No longer stress folks may peep the snare or blueprint. More secure!

Never be worried about parents assess that your Snapchat, TikTok!
Never worry about friends borrow your mobile to play games with cellular data!
Never worry about a workmate gets your telephone to appear in the gallery!
Never be concerned about somebody who reads personal data on your apps!
Never worry about children wreck Settings, send incorrect messages, paying matches!


2)How to open concealed AppLock?
Please upgrade to the latest version and try the next four approaches to start concealed AppLock:
1. Gallery
Open your Gallery, pick a photo, click the share button. Locate”Open AppLock” and click on it.
2. Widgets
Locate”Open AppLock” and haul it to your home screen.
3. Dial pad
Enter *#12345#* on your dial pad.
4. Browser
Open any connection in the browser

3)How to quit uninstalling AppLock?
Please allow Advanced Protection at Protect of all AppLock, therefore no one can kill or uninstall AppLock without a password. You are able to disable Advanced Protection if you do not want it.

Update to the most recent version. And after that tap the AppLock icon, then click on the icon in the top right corner of the lock webpage, tap forgot password’.
1. Security response: input security response, click’reset password’.
2. Security email: click’ send code into safety email’, enter, click’reset password’.

–Characteristics —

• Well-designed Themes

• Private SNS: log into multiple accounts
• Intruder Selfie: shoot photographs of invaders.
• Customized background, Pick a favorite picture
• Customized Profiles: place different locked app collections
• Time Lock: auto-lock/unlock in accordance with the period
• Location Lock: auto-lock/unlock in accordance with the place

• Advanced Protection: stop AppLock from being murdered by task killer
• Random computer keyboard: stop individuals peeping pin code
• Force ceased cover

• Quick lock change: Lock/unlock in telling pub
• Lock program configurations to stop a wreck by youngsters
• Permit a brief departure: no demand password, routine, fingerprint within a set time
• Avoid uninstalling apps
• Low memory use.

To empower Advanced Protection, please trigger AppLock as an “apparatus administrator”. It is just used for preventing intrusion uninstalling AppLock.
AppLock uses Access services.
To empower the Power saving manner, please let Access providers.

Please be certain that AppLock will not apply these permissions to access your personal data.