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Podcast: KHN’s ‘What The Health?’ The Abortion Wars Rage On

Julie Rovner Kaiser Health News @jrovner Read Julie's Stories Rebecca Adams CQ Roll Call @RebeccaAdamsDC Read Rebecca's Stories Kimberly Leonard Washington Examiner @leonardkl Read Kimberly's Stories Alice Miranda Ollstein Politico @AliceOllstein Read Alice's Stories A federal district judge in Oregon blocked new rules for the federal family planning program issued by the Trump administration and due to take effect May 3. It’s one of several cases out to thwart the changes that would effectively evict Planned Parenthood from the Title X program. Meanwhile, hospitals are gearing up to fight the various “Medicare-for-all” proposals gaining popularity [...]


Americans Overwhelmingly Want Federal Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills

Three-quarters of the public — including a majority of Republicans — want the federal government to protect patients from being stuck with surprise medical invoices after they are unwittingly treated by doctors or medical facilities that are out of their insurance network, a poll released Wednesday found. These unexpected bills, which can be financially crippling, may arise when a patient is taken to the emergency room by an out-of-network ambulance; when the emergency room is not in their insurer’s [...]


The Importance of Play After Hurricane Florence

What is your favorite childhood game? Tag? Dodgeball? Red rover? For me, it was capture the flag. I have fond memories of running through the woods in my neighborhood with my team of friends in search of the opposing team’s flag. Play was an important part of my childhood, just as it is should be for every child. Play was a way to escape, use my imagination, practice teamwork, and exercise. When children don’t have access to safe play, [...]