Cool Blog Writing Tips to Maximize Reader Engagement

Cool Blog Writing Tips to Maximize Reader Engagement

Imagine taking a bite of fresh apple pie… While your mouth starts filling with saliva, your brain is probably serving you a big plate of associations. The right kind of crust on that pie, the aromas – cinnamon, rosemary, nutmeg… These turn ordinary meal into an unforgettable one.

What about your blog writing then? How do you make it reach that “yum” mark on the scale of “deliciousness”? Luckily, it doesn’t take a world-class chef to do that.

Add Quotes To Your Blog Posts

Neil Patel

Quoting an authority from your niche does whole lot of things to your piece of content. It adds credibility, proves that you’ve done certain amount of research for the topic you’ve been working on and generally adds value to the piece.

While all of that is great and awesome, there’s surely a way to implement the quotes in a more creative, almost mischievous way. Building an article around the rappers’ cues? Or, maybe, including hypothetical marketing mottoes from Disney princesses? Getting creative with your “ingredients” will surely entertain your readers, and, with fair amount of profound work beneath the fun – even inspire them to experiment on their own.

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Bucket Brigades

The term was introduced by the one and only Backlinko. Bucket brigades are words/constructions, that lead your reader through your content.

Here’s how bucket brigades work.

You’re slowly giving out the main points of your post, sharing the cool information you’ve found or your own ideas. Once you’re ready to move to the next chunk of information, let the next bucket brigade enter the game.


They actually do their job properly. So use them with class and have fun with it.

“E” is for “Emotional”

Establishing emotional connection between your content and your readers is a surefire way to increase audience engagement and maximize impact of your efforts. There are major psychological triggers, that work in a trouble-free way.

Appeals to fear, desire to be successful and respected and longing for efficient results of one’s work – these almost automatically mean getting readers’ attention. Top these with actionable and applicable solutions to a problem and get a jackpot both for you and your audience.

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Tell a Story

Storytelling is obviously here to stay. If you don’t feel like creating the whole legend with its setting, plot and characters, add some elements to your normal content creation routine. If you’re working on a blog post – share a bit of your personal experience or address an everyday situation that fits the general concept of your writing.

Working on a piece, discussing the difficulties of content ideation? Think of the last time you stared at your laptop, having no clue what to start with. Talking about importance of editing? Try to remember the last time you got your high-school (or college) paper, all covered in notes, regarding your style and grammar. Who can’t relate to that, right?

Add Intrigue

Intrigue is seductive. It has readers crave for answers. It makes them want to be led through all the twists of your story. Isn’t it something we all want?

Nevertheless, as we all know, digital readers do have little time to read. So you’re almost obligated to give them that skimmable, easily-digestible content. How do you make this work with the whole intriguing thing?

Serve one bite at a time. If I’m lucky enough to have you read this post up to this point, you probably understand what I mean. Share your awesome advice, and keep some delicious stuff for dessert. Make the points interesting enough to have your readers wait until the point where the puzzle falls into place.

Laugh at Yourself

This one is really difficult to fail. Making fun of your mistakes may take lots of courage, however, the rewards are surely worth it.

By showing your weaknesses in a humorous way, you build a solid bridge between you and your readers. They get to see how easily they can relate to problems you’re writing about. That means, the solutions you’re going to present will have far more weight. “Wow, this guy has been through the same thing I’m dealing with! I can actually trust him”!

Plus, it lightens the overall mood. Everybody loves a good laugh. So why not roast yourself (gently, though) to make someone’s day better?

Break That Text Down

Yeah, no one likes walls of text. Yeah you have to keep your paragraphs punchy.


Don’t deny the power of a line break. It’s not only a great way to format the text, but also an opportunity to wake up the reader, who has just started to get tired with the words you’ve been pouring into the post. If you haven’t tried it yet – now is the great time to start.

Just don’t write all of your posts like that.


It might seem pretty annoying.

The Power of Numbers And Lists

BlogPress Marketing ToolsNumbers are a great way of getting your readers glued to your content. This principle works in a number of ways.

Posts, written in a list format have been steadily popular for a while already. They are almost a bullet-proof way of assuring the reader: I know what I’m talking about, and don’t worry, I have it all organized for you.

Adding research data and relevant statistics may seem to be a way of making your content boring. In fact, they’re like a good old chili pepper. They give your voice clarity and credibility. Thorough research and clear data are a straight path to building your online reputation. So go ahead. Get to the boring stuff to make the whole thing shine.

Visuals Do Matter

Vines, gifs, images, videos, presentations – what a marvelous world of opportunities these create. They add color to the posts you’ve been working on, they help convey your message in a brighter manner, they create associations – the memes, for instance, create immediate, almost subconscious reaction to the content you’re working on.

So why not invest some time to create your own pool of stunning visual aids that enhance your performance? Luckily, there’s a whole lot of tools to help you do so quickly and even have some fun .

There’s no universal remedy to become the best writer ever, but going this way surely has a lot of fun and experimenting to it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guest post from Regine Ward. Regine is a freelance writer/blogger and tutor at Do My Homework Online. Her main values are lifelong learning, helping people become the best versions of themselves and constant self-improvement. In her free time Regine travels, reads, drinks coffee and bakes cookies. Find her on Twitter.

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