Download Free GOM Player


Download Free GOM Player

GOM Player is one among the world’s best free desktop video players. Originally renowned for its high video and audio quality, and support of multiple video formats (flv, mp4, mov, mpg, ts, avi, divx, asx, wmv, m4v, dat, ifo, vob, 3gp/3gp2, rm/rmvb, mkv, ogm) etc. However, there’s lots additional to GOM Player than codec support.

If you’re inquisitive about VR and 360 degree videos, GOM Player is simply for you! GOM Player supports a spread of VR and 360° video formats, and provides every user with friendly and easy UI/UX experiences.

It will browse your native 360° video files and play/stream 360° YouTube videos. For additional advanced users, GomPlayer permits custom configuration, enhancing the video read expertise. There area unit currently thousands of fantastic 360° VR videos out there you’ll be able to watch.

If you’re craving for subtitles, GOM Player simply created that astonishingly straightforward. GOM Player users area unit ready to access the biggest subtitle info within the World. and every one you have got to try and do it simply play the video. Once you play your video, GOM Player can mechanically search its info and show you the matching subtitle results. once you select the subtitle you wish to run, simply click apply and also the subtitle are going to be mechanically downloaded and applied. That’s it: Play the video, choose the subtitle, press “apply,” and Enjoy! No additional excavation round the internet and questioning if you have got the proper subtitle.

Another special feature of GOM Player is GOM Remote! GOM users area unit ready to link their smartphones with their GOM Player. which means no additional obtaining off the couch! you’ll be able to do everything along with your smartphone: Play/stop the videos, choose videos, raise and lower the amount, dim your screen, and faradditional. GOM Remote and GOM Player work hand in hand to create your viewing expertise comfy.

GOM Player isn’t your standard video player. It stands higher than the remainder to supply its users a singulargratifying viewing setting. the event team at GOM Player often provides updates with the newest technology to reinforce user expertise. strive it these days and see why tens of a lot of folks round the world often use GOM Player!

Download Free GOM Player


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