Download Sonma Typing-Expert

Download Sonma Typing-Expert

Download Sonma Typing-Expert

Type Like a Pro in Both Hindi & English

Sonma Typing Expert is a composing instrument to assist clients with speeding up for English and Hindi Texts. The application includes an enormous choice of activities for clients to rehearse their composing on. For clients bilingual in English and Hindi, Sonma Typing Expert can assist them with getting capable in composing in the two dialects.

Sonma Typing-Expert


Despite the fact that introducing Sonma Typing Expert itself is straightforward, a few clients may experience issues while showing the Hindi textual styles as not all frameworks accompany those text styles pre-introduced. On the off chance that they are not introduced, the Hindi characters won’t be shown effectively. Sonma has help records that clients can follow to introduce these textual styles. Once introduced, propelling and utilizing Sonma Typing Expert ought to be simple.


The activities Sonma Typing Expert offers are comparative in both English and Hindi. The initial not many activities focus on a particular piece of the console to prepare, for example, certain lines that can cause perplexity when composing quick. The following activities center around aptitudes like composing with the Shift key. Clients can return and train with the aptitudes or parts that give them the most troubles.

Preparing Options and Results

Clients can how long they need to prepare for. Sonma Typing Expert sets the time at 15 minutes as a matter of course, yet clients can decide to prepare for one moment on the off chance that they need to. After the assigned time, Sonma will show how well the client did and where they committed errors with the goal that they can concentrate on those slip-ups later on.

A Great Typing Tool

Sonma Typing Expert has a great deal to offer as a composing device, however bilingual clients will profit the most from it. While it very well may be utilized for just a single language, utilizing it to help your composing speed at the same time in both English and Hindi is the place it will truly sparkle.