Get Fit This Fall with Silver and Fit

Get Fit This Fall with Silver and Fit

Many of us spend our working years planning for retirement.

We dream of travel and a relaxing lifestyle free of alarm clocks and busy schedules.  We hope that that retirement offers the time, energy, and motivation to start exercising and eating better.  Sure, you have the time, but the energy and motivation are not automatically included.

If you are 65 or older and enrolled in a Medicare Plan, these tips will help you get moving and make the most of your health plan.


Silver&Fit is a fitness and healthy aging program designed by American Specialty Health (ASH).

It’s a program designed specifically for older adults. Silver&Fit provides members with access to fitness facility membership(s) through a broad network of participating facilities and instructor-led classes for $50 per year.

What are some of the benefits?

As a Silver&FitTM member, you get access to a fitness facility membership that includes a broad network of fitness facilities. Find a participating gym by entering your ZIP code (insert website)

Look for participating facilities near your home with ease.

Here are a few Silver&Fit-approved gyms and facilities

Basic fitness facilities: For exercise and training that protects your heart and increases your strength, look into the Silver&Fit basic fitness facilities. Available equipment may include treadmills, elliptical machines, free weights, and more.

Full facilities: These gyms offer a wide range of heart-healthy and strength training services. You may also be able to sign up for classes like yoga, Zumba, or the official Silver&Fit Signature Series exercise program. 

Gender-specific gyms: If you prefer visiting a facility designed for particular genders, you can choose one that is Silver&Fit-approved.

Exercise centers: These facilities offer services beyond your standard gym or fitness center. Amenities vary on location but may include lap pools and saunas or yoga, Pilates, or sports centers.

Home Fitness Program

Do you prefer working out at home?  No problem—just enroll in the Silver&Fit Home Fitness Program. This program allows you to choose from over 15 home fitness kits, which include materials such as DVDs, booklets, and a quick start guide. Some examples of the Home Fitness Program include:

  • Walking kits
  • Yoga kits
  • Chair Pilates kits
  • Stress management kits
  • Chair boxing kits
  • Tai Chi kits
  • Cardio strength kits
  • Aquatic exercise kits

Additional Benefits

Silver&Fit members may also receive additional benefits.

  • Online and DVD resources: The Silver&Fit program also gives members access to an online catalog and DVD library containing health and well-being resources.
  • Fitness challenges: Members can also sign up for Silver&Fit fitness challenges. This allows you to compete against friends and family, or challenge yourself to reach new health goals.
  • Exercise and rewards program: The Silver&Fit Connected! The program allows you to use a smartphone or smart-fitness device to track your fitness and health choices to earn rewards.*

Signing up is simple. Just call the Silver&Fit toll-free Member Services hotline at 1-877-764-2746 (TTY/TDD 1-877-710-2476) to enroll for $50 per year, or to select the Home Fitness Program for $10 per year.

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