How To Discover And Share Engaging Content For Social Media

How To Discover And Share Engaging Content For Social Media

In today’s tech-savvy world, almost all companies make use of engaging content for social media to promote their business. Whether they are selling a product, service or personal brand, social media plays a significant role.

One of the biggest challenges faced by a social media manager is developing and sharing content which their company’s audience will like. Since social media platforms are bombarded with contents of all types, curating the best content that captures the attention of your audience is crucial.

Here are few easy ways to discover and share engaging content for your social media audience.

Use images: High-quality images can grab the attention of your audience much faster than text-based content. Try to include infographics, user-generated pictures or original product pictures in your social media posts. While developing an image try to place it in an empty background so that it more easily captures the attention of your followers. You can use a high-quality stock photo or build your content using tools like Stencil.

Recycle old content: Dig into your old content and figure out the ones that have a good engagement rate. Facebook insight and Twitter analytics provide information about such content. You can then reconvert it into an infographic. You can also curate the same content and publish it as a “Call To Action” post.

Ask questions: Asking interesting questions, suggestions or opinion is another way to create engaging content. When you ask some question or opinion to your customers, they are likely to respond which can lead to detailed discussion, at times. You can even start a poll to boost the engagement. You can also go through few of the old posts and figure out any queries or doubts the customer has asked and then build content related to it.

Share customer feedback and reviews: If your customer has given positive feedback or review about your product or service, you can curate the same as an interesting post. You can even ask customers to share some interesting story surrounding your product which you can then re-post on your social media page.

Run a contest or giveaway: Contests and giveaways get the maximum engagement more than any other post. You can ask your audience to like and share the contest so that the reach increases. For taking part in the contest, you can even ask them to share their email addresses.

Use content generating tools: There are many content generating tools and apps that provide you with fresh content or content ideas. DrumUp is one such tool where users can find fresh, relevant content to share with their audience easily, by entering a few relevant keywords on their app. There are also various other tools that provide breaking news and latest events and happenings in your chosen industry.

Find content from similar pages: Facebook pages related to your business is another source for getting engaging content. Do a quick search on the keyword related to your business and like few pages that come up in the search result. Go through the content of those pages and pull out the ones that have good engagement rate. Curate the content with your suggestions and comments. This curated content would make another interesting post that can boost engagement on your page. The same method can be used on Instagram and Twitter to come up with interesting content ideas.

Follow thought leaders or influencers: By following thought leaders or influencers through their blog or social media pages, you come to know their views about certain aspects of the business. You can build upon the same and come up with unique content that is relevant to your audience. You can even quote them or link to their page for more credibility. Similarly, you can follow industry news and trends by subscribing to relevant website or blog. For eg; if you are into social media marketing, then following a website in the niche like social media examiner, will provide you with interesting content ideas.

Guest posting: You can reserve one day of the week for guest posts. This way you not only receive interesting content but can also increase the reach of your page as the guest author is more likely to share the post. For eg; if you are running a beauty blog, you can seek guest posts from beauty experts. When this beauty expert shares the content on their social media page, your page also gets noticed by the new audience.

In the social media world where thousands of posts get shared every day so getting the attention of viewers is a very challenging task. By spending quality time doing some research and with the help of various content generating tools you can come up with unique and interesting content. Also, try to add some spice by experimenting with new types of content. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guest post. Please feel free to reach out and let us know if you want to see more like this.

Sunitha is a freelance content writer with experience writing content and blogs for clients in social media. She has written blogs for various industry blogs like Drumup and Godotmedia.  Her interests include social media and content marketing. When she’s not writing, she likes to pursue her hobby of jewelry making.

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