How to Turn Your Blog Writing into Passive Income

How to Turn Your Blog Writing into Passive Income

In the top 1,000 wealthiest cities in the US, 41% of households take advantage of passive income to make their wealth. That’s a significant statistic, and it’s no accident, either. Passive income is one of the big secrets to making money, and you could be doing it right now. Blogging is one of the simplest and most fun ways of putting your writing into action and making it work for you, and if you want to start here, we can give you all the support you need. Here are some more ways, using blogging and other techniques, that your writing can earn you passive income.


Log on to Fiverr and you’ll see a hundred ways or more that people are making money. You can offer services from sketching comics, recording your voice, writing a blog post, and even teaching online. There is no end to the odd jobs and long-term gigs that are up there.

Maybe you like to write short stories, or you keep a journal every day. You can offer jobs that involve just that. People will pay you for a short story, a piece of nonfiction writing, flash fiction – anything! Check it out to see how you can make money doing something you do anyway.

Review Books

If you’re a writer, you’re probably also a reader too. Sign up to any number of sites that are willing to pay you to do just that. Then, write an honest review of your thoughts on the book. These reviews will vary in length and style depending on the site. As well as getting paid for something you would be doing anyway (reading), you also get to expand your reading repertoire, and get a free book to boot!

Affiliate Marketing

Monetize Your Blog

You’ve probably heard of the term affiliate marketing, but what does it mean? If you run a blog, you can monetize it by featuring links to other blogs, sites, or services, and they will pay you for featuring them. Every time a visitor clicks on that link, you’ll get a cut. If they click and make a purchase from that site, you’ll get a cut of that, too.


Are you writing or have you written a book? Publish it as an ebook and you can be earning passive income right now. Chances are, you wrote a book because of the pleasure writing brings you. Publishing it as an ebook has the double advantage of cutting out the costs of publishing it as a hardback and being cheaper to buy, which means more people will be likely to do so. Every time they buy, you make money. It’s also really easy to read: a laptop, computer, tablet, phone, or Kindle device.

Other Passive Income

Of course, there are plenty of other ways you can make some extra money that is just as easy and doesn’t involve writing. From completing online surveys to renting out a spare room, think about the spare time or resources you have to earn yourself some cash now.

Just remember, passive income doesn’t mean zero work, but the time spent vs money made ratio is a lot lower, meaning you put in hard work once and keep pulling in money afterward. Passive income can be when you make money from something you would be doing anyway, or a resource you have to spare. So evaluate your lifestyle and cash in now!

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Jackie Phillipson is a full-time freelancer who gave up a high flying career in the city to work from home and try and build up her own business. She now writes about freelancing, alongside a host of other topics. She’s a mom to two young girls and in her free time devotes energy to volunteering for a few local mental health charities

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