How to Write a Good Email to Professor to secure scholarship_2019

How to Write a Good Email to Professor to secure scholarship_2019

1. Email Impact
· “First impression is the last impression”

Email is the way to judge
· Competency, Language proficiency, Vocabulary, International exposures, and Professionalism

2. Email Goal
· To get an Acceptance letter from a professor and To increase the chance by getting an acceptance letter from a professor

3. Never send Research Proposal in the first email If Professor demand for it, then send him. Just send CV (Pdf) in the first email

4. Email Format

Subject: Ph.D. Application based on the CSC Scholarship, request for an acceptance letter, Request for MS or Ph.D. supervision

· Brief introduction
· Education
· Application details (PhD, Scholarship name)
· Previous research experience
· Research interest
· Motivation for PhD
· Motivation for this Lab / University
· Request for application acceptance
· Best Regards
· CV in attachment (Pdf)

5. Points to Consider in Email
· Formal language
Thank you
· Positive language
o I would appreciate if you could consider my application
· Polite language
· Short email
· 2 – 3 paragraphs
· 2 – 3 sentences in each paragraph

6. Points to Avoid in Email
· Don’t write words Sir, Madam
o They love to be called by name
o Write, Dear Professor Ahmad,
· Don’t ask about health, whether or life
· Informal language
o Thanks. 
· Dictate words
· Very long email
· Just one paragraph
· Many colors or fonts in email
· All CAPITAL Letters
· Don’t mention about your previous contact, if he rejected you last time

7. Attachment
· Attach file at the beginning of the email
o Otherwise, you will forget to attach it
· Attachment proper name
o CV_Ahmad
o Avoid the name, CV1, Doc 1 etc.
· Multiple attachments
o Use numbers to describe all attachments
§ 1. CV_Ahmad
§ 2. Personal Statement
§ 3. Research Proposal
· Please find the attached file of my CV for consideration.

8. Are you ready to send?
· Is recipient email and name same?
· Attachments?
· Spell check?
· Proof reading?
· Email language?
· Is degree and scholarship name clearly mentioned?
· Is there any thing missing in it?
Press Send

Best Wishes

We say thanks to Muhammad Sajjad Ashfaq for sharing nice guideline.

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