How Writing A Press Release Can Benefit Your Brand And Products

How Writing A Press Release Can Benefit Your Brand And Products

Companies or brands can leverage media and publications to issue statements about company developments. Such information could be about new products, end of year results, expansion drives, and other improved features.

Media companies are always willing to cover such events or announcements if the content is relevant to their target audience. It is also possible to sponsor a press release in situations where the media is not willing to cover it for free.

Press releases need to be crafted wisely to meet media guidelines and general stand out. To help you out, here’s how to write press releases by Pressat.

Still, the question remains, “What does a company stand to gain by issuing a press release?”

Here’s how writing a press release can benefit your brand and products: 

1. Spontaneous Exposure 

If you are a new company with great and novel products or innovations, a press release could get potential clients excited. A press release can help you bypass the marketing struggle that brands go through while trying to acquire trust in the industry. 

Media uses its trust and authority from its audience to get messages across, allowing your company to gain more audience.

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2. Cost Optimizing Strategy to Bring New Clients

If the media or publication finds an interest in publishing your brand’s story, it means they are also willing to invest in your story. Take note that unsolicited press-releases in the media can be a costly affair to brands. Companies can leverage on the strong interest from the media to bargain for a discount.

Here are the reasons why press release can save big advertisement costs

  • Content needs for media: Since media thrives for quality content, media houses or publications willingly collaborates with you to cover a worthwhile story. 
  • Audience applause rate: As a business, you will reach an extended audience with social sharing amongst the media’s audience. Social applause helps reach an extended audience with the original cost.

Startups or companies with meager marketing budgets can greatly benefit from press releases.

3. Increased Traffic to Your Website

As the story goes out, people from all walks of life will get interested in your offers. Website traffic is crucial in lead-nurturing, allowing you to improve your company’s revenue. Press releases should be well crafted to maximize gains from the additional audience.

If, for instance, the story has been published in a media’s website, ensure one or two links to your site are also embedded. This helps tap into the mammoth following the media station has.

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4. Potential to Reach Multiple channels

Media houses and publications have invested in the diversity of their audience. That is why you’ll able to find media stations in all types of media channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, video channels, websites, and many others.

This is good because apart from just reaching the whole audience, your press release can be sent to a more refined audience.

5. Boost Your Online Visibility

Online visibility is not an easy feat to achieve because millions of businesses are listed online. On the contrary, consumer’s quest for media is high and they naturally follow them. 

Press releases can boost a company’s online visibility in these ways.

  • SEO benefits: If a story about your products becomes viral, other media stations normally hop in. The company’s online assets, such as websites and social media, get tons of mentions and backlinks. This improves the overall SEO qualities of your company, which are great for high ranking in search results.
  • Online brand authority: Brand authority or industry experts are also built by media. Due to the viral ability of media items, a brand can build credibility and authority when the audience leave positive reviews.

A company can build on natural traffic from press releases to build its huge following. A solid follow up strategy can help maintain the new momentum.

6. An Opportunity to Spot and Be Spotted by New Partners

Partnerships and networks form a fabric and the strength of any business. With a quality press release, people from different industries have the potential to view your business.

These are some of the key networks or partnerships that may arise out of it.

  • Investors and Strategic alliances: You could get excellent pitches from potential investors just by being mentioned by media stations. You could also get like-minded people reaching out to you. 
  • A network of media personalities: Getting the initial press release could have been a huge ask but subsequent one could come easy. Acquiring and maintaining contacts with journalists helps in brand development in the future.

Conclusion: Is Issuing A Press Release Worthy?

Getting publicity comes with huge marketing and advertising budget. It also involves a long-term strategy that may or may not yield results.

Press releases offer a cost-effective and quick way to reach a huge audience. Leveraging the media’s popularity, a brand can increase its brand awareness, translating to more sales and profit.

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