Facebook Live Event with Valencia College Facebook Live Event with Valencia College would like to thank May Martines for joining us on our Facebook Live stream today. May is a graduating international student at Valencia College, and offered her time to answer some popular questions international students have about studying in the USA, and specifically, in Orlando, Florida at Valencia.

Thanks to May, we were able to provide some comprehensive answers to pressing questions such as:

  • Can international students study at Valencia with a tourist visa?
  • What kind of visa is required to be allowed to work during my time as a student?
  • How much money do I need verify so that I can attend Valencia?
  • Can I study English and take regular college courses?
  • When should students start the application process and what documents are required?
  • Does Valencia offer on campus housing?
  • How can I apply for a scholarship?
  • Do you offer student loans?

We encourage you to visit our Facebook page to watch the stream yourself. If you weren’t able to catch the stream live, the video is readily available for you to watch at your convenience. Just look for it pinned to the top of our page.

Finally, one of the most asked questions was, “Where can I find out more about Valencia?” For any questions beyond what was answered during our time with May, you can visit Valencia’s International Student profile page

We’d like to send another big thanks to May and everyone who tuned in! 
We hope you’ll join us for our next Facebook Live event on July 24th at 11:30am EDT.

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