Download Local Business Extractor

Download Local Business Extractor

Download Local Business Extractor Software
LBE software helps to collect Business information instantly from any location. This software is a fully automated tool which extracts and find verified business leads for your marketing. This software has the ability to find an email address and website. If you want targeted business leads from your desired location then this tool is best for you. Many freelancers and marketing agencies using this software and selling business leads at the highest prices to their client. Don’t waste money and time to buy leads from others. Simply download this tool and follow the 3 simple steps. The software will do all the hard work for you and collect the business information which you can export into an excel sheet.
You can also free trial of this software before buy license of this tool.
When you will download it, you need to add Google API in this software. When API will be added, you will be able to extract the data from Google Maps.
Well, this is a little complicated process, You can also use API.

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This software will extract following information:
Business Name
Map Link

Formats :
Excelsheet, CSV

Version :

API supported: