Make Your Blog More Efficient By Posting On A Schedule

Make Your Blog More Efficient By Posting On A Schedule

No matter your business niche, having a blog as part of your online site is a great idea. Blogs help make your company seem more human, and blog posts can educate your audience and share company news as well as industry news. That said, the best way to make the most of your blog’s potential is to post on a schedule.

Here’s how to create a posting schedule that’s easy to stick to, and create content your audience wants to read. 


Create A Blogging Calendar

The best way to blog on a schedule is to design your schedule around your other projects and obligations. Sit down and look over all your regular appointments, meetings, deadlines, and the like. You can schedule posts weekly, monthly, quarterly, or weekly, whatever works best for you. When you first get started, don’t be afraid to shift things around until you find a scheduling flow that fits your liking. 

On your blogging calendar, include soft and hard deadlines for your posts. Soft deadlines fit your schedule for when you’d like a post to go public, but that deadline comes with some wiggle room in case you want to shift the publishing date by a few days. Hard deadlines are when you absolutely have to have the post go live no matter what. It is best to always go with the soft deadline. 


Stay Productive And Inspired

Another key to the efficient blogging kingdom is to actually enjoy composing your blogs. A good way to keep post ideas coming is to subscribe to similar business blogs. That way, you can keep up with current trends, news, insights, and industry commentary. When you find something that inspires you, go to great lengths to avoid plagiarism. Find a fresh angle to explore, or link to the original article while posting your opinions on the matter. 

Another way to stay productive is to keep a notebook full of post ideas whenever inspiration strikes you. This can be a physical notebook where you jot down ideas, or you can keep notes on your phone and copy them in your notebook so you have everything in a single place. Depending on how inspired you feel, think about splitting an idea into a series of multiple posts. 

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Post On Consistent And Predictable Schedule

Just like your favorite TV show, plan to have your posts come out on a specific day of the week, even going so far as to release posts at specific times on specific days. You are free to blog as often or infrequently as you like, it all depends on your schedule and natural inclinations. When it comes to blogging, quality trumps quantity. If you have a hard time deciding how often to blog, think about your audience, your obligations, and how much time you can devote to create outstanding blogs. If you plan on spending money on blogs, such as working with an SEO agency, or other online marketing company to expand your blogging reach, consider how much money you can devote to your posts. 

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Include Guests Post On Your Blog 

Do you know of other industry professionals who create great blog posts? If so, consider asking them to become guest bloggers to give yourself some breathing room on your blog for those times when inspiration is scarce. Additionally, bringing in new voices helps to expand your blog’s reach, and you can boost your brand’s overall expertise with the right guest blogger. No matter if you host guest bloggers, stick to your schedule, and find guests who can follow through on their commitments. Reach out to bloggers well in advance to stay on track. 

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Create A Social Media Calendar

Another way to blog efficiently is to utilize the power of social media, which you can also do on a schedule. Depending on the content management system you use for your blog, the platform may include social media posting capabilities. Using it creates a post for your company’s social media profile so your followers know when a new post goes live. Besides sharing new blog posts on your social media feed, consider posting images and videos related to your posts and links to products or services you offer on your site related to your blog posts. 


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