Masters of Engineering & Natural Sciences at Sabancı University

Masters of Engineering & Natural Sciences at Sabancı University

Study your MSc at the world-class Sabancı University in Turkey and get the chance to win a 25% – 100% scholarship or tuition fee waiver!

Are you considering master’s-level studies in engineering or natural sciences? Sabancı’s mission is to educate proficient and confident individuals who play a leading role in society. Students are expected to think critically and independently, contribute to the development of science and technology, and disseminate the acquired knowledge for the benefit of society. Take the opportunity and pursue your graduate-degree at the Sabancı University!

Master’s programs fully taught in English include:

  • • Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Bioengineering
  • • Computer Science and Engineering
  • • Electronics Engineering
  • • Industrial Engineering
  • • Manufacturing Engineering
  • • Materials Science and Nano Engineering
  • • Mathematics
  • • Mechatronics Engineering
  • • Physics

The program will start in September 2018. 

Here is a bonus for you: 
Sabancı University offers you the chance to win a 25% to 100% scholarship or a tuition fee waiver.

How it works: 

1. Take this online challenge today for a chance to win a scholarship:

  • Sign up on Sqore
  • Take a short a quiz to learn more about Sabancı University
  • Fill in your details and explain why you would like to join the program

2. Apply with Sabanci University once you have completed the challenge

Early Application Deadline: June 2nd, 2018
Deadline: August 18th 2018


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