Preschool learning games for kids: shapes & colors

Preschool learning games for kids: shapes & colors

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The Description of Preschool learning games for kids

Appreciate and become familiar with the shapes, hues, checking games, and fundamental abilities.

With “Dino Tim” kids in preschool age (3, 4, 5 and 6 years of age), elementary school and kindergarten will learn with no exertion while having some good times.

****Over 3,000,000 kids are now playing with Dino Tim!****

The instructive games are completely converted into English be that as it may, on the off chance that you wish along these lines, you can likewise utilize Tim the Dino to learn Spanish, French, Italian… You just need to switch dialects!

It suits flawlessly to each age in spite of the fact that it’s particularly proposed for kindergarten, preschool and elementary school (3-8 years) and grown-ups all things considered. The game has voiceover to help kids learning their first words.

The game is ideal for the whole family!

Appreciate the experience!

Some interesting witches have stole Tim’s family. Become a superhuman and help him saving them!

On account of the great witch, you will have the option to fly and gather calculates that will permit you to do enchantment and transform the witches into creatures!!

Youngsters and grown-ups will encounter an energizing experience, tackling puzzle games with hues and geometric shapes, running, checking, flying, picking up, hopping and doing enchantment to unblock all the dino-characters and every single game mode.

Instructive TARGETS:

– Learn to perceive geometric shapes: square, circle, square shape, triangle, pentagon and jewel.
– Learn to tally numbers (1-10) with checking games for kids
– Enhance speed, consideration and psychomotoricity with the shading perceiving game: red, green, blue, yellow, and so forth.
– Learn first words, letters, consonants and vowels (proficiency – abc-) in an enjoyment way in his local language (English).
– Start learning an unknown dialect (Spanish, French, Italian… ) for kindergarten, preschool and elementary younger students (3-12 years of age).
– Resolve instructive riddles about various geometric shapes and numbers: squares, circles, square shapes, triangles, trapeziums and rhombuses.
– Learn and upgrade coordination and fine engine ability in adolescents.
– Develop visual view of various shapes, numbers and items moving.
– Develop consideration and fixation in kids in preschool age and grade school.

Our improvement studio, Didactoons, has wide involvement with creating instructive games and applications that join learning and fun.
Is it accurate to say that you are searching for nothing instructive games for your kids to learn and appreciate simultaneously?
So don’t miss it and download the free instructive games: Dino Tim!
Guardians can evaluate the game for nothing. We suggest buying the full form for kids.