Bad Santa, good Santa, or attractive Santa who’s each sensible and unhealthy reckoning on the time of day, we provide all the accessories to finish your vacation character. select from a variety of ancient and novelty Santa hats that create an explicit statement at the bash — three-foot high stripy Santa hats with pliable wire frames that twist in crazy directions; leopard print cuff Santa hats that unleash the Christmas animal within; six-foot long large Santa hats that you simply will drape around your neck sort of a muffler; and felt Santa hats priced below a greenback, therefore cheap that you simply will hand them out like party favors. boost this assortment of Christmas headwear a workforceof Santa beards, from cheap strap-on beards to deluxe Santa beard and wig sets that look and want real hair; Santa gloves to safeguard your delicate cookie-grubbing hands from hibernal blasts, and after all all the facultative accessories like boot covers, hand bells, Santa bellies, and plush cloth Santa luggage. Voilà! Your self-constructed Claus character is prepared for vacation prime time! currently get a go on, Santa-for-a-day — you do not need to bilk the children, and you’ve got had all year to rest.


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