Skinny Body Care Review – An Honest Review of the Skinny Body Care Opportunity

Skinny Body Care Review – An Honest Review of the Skinny Body Care Opportunity

Skinny Body Care is a new global home business opportunity that launched in January of this year. The company is owned by network marketing veteran Ben Glinsky, who is committed to building a successful company and providing a quality product. The company is growing rapidly and creating a buzz in the industry. This article provides an honest review of the opportunity and offers the pros and cons of joining the business.

The Product

The company’s product is called Skinny Fiber. It’s an all natural weight loss product that comes in capsule form. The product contains a proprietary blend of three unique ingredients – Glucomannan, Caralluma Fimbriata, and Chá de Bugre. It also includes a blend of seven digestive enzymes that are considered by some to be a hidden factor in fat loss. Skinny Fiber works by expanding 50x its original size in the stomach, which triggers the brain to feel full faster and reduce cravings. This is said to result in eating less food and thereby ingesting fewer calories, leading to weight loss. Skinny Fiber also claims to help burn fat, block new fat formation, boost metabolism, and reduce cellulite.

The Pros

1. The product has a lot of positive testimonials. Not only is there a lot of positive research on Skinny Fiber’s individual ingredients from authority sources like Web MD, there are a plethora of testimonials about the product as well. Many people have reported weight loss success with the use of Skinny Fiber. I have personally lost 4 pounds in the first 10 days of taking the Skinny Fiber product.

2. The cost to join and to maintain your business is low. The cost join a home business can range from a few hundred dollars into the thousands, depending on the opportunity. However, the cost to join Skinny Body Care is only one bottle of Skinny Fiber ($59.95 plus shipping) and a one-time $10 fee. The cost to remain an active Skinny Body Care distributor is just one bottle of product each month.

3. The pay plan is built for people with varying levels of experience. Skinny Body Care offers six different ways that they compensate their distributors. The Powerline and Matrix commission structures make it possible for everyone who becomes a distributor to get a check and offers the ability to earn up $1,618 per month once their matrix is filled – even without ever recruiting anyone. This makes the opportunity potentially profitable for those with little to no experience building a home business. The Infinity Matching and Rank Achievement Bonuses are designed for those who are good at leading a team or recruiting others into a home business opportunity. These parts of the pay plan create a lucrative earning potential and likely makes the opportunity more attractive to experienced network marketers.

4. The company has proven to be sensitive to the needs of its distributors and its customers. Initially, Skinny Body Care’s highest possible distributor rank was diamond. However, when one of the top earners in the company earned this rank in the first 3-4 months of the company launch, Mr. Glinsky created additional ranks to further reward its distributors. In addition, the Skinny Fiber capsules have a gelatin coating, which is created out of an animal byproduct. In response to requests from the vegetarian and vegan community, they now offer veggie capsules as an alternative to the gelatin capsules. Both of these decisions display a willingness to be flexible and responsive to the needs of the customers and the team of distributors.

5. The company provides a no-cost system to build your business. Skinny Body Care provides several different lead capture pages for distributors to market their businesses. There are both business focused pages and product focused pages, and some of them have been translated into Spanish. The pages include high-quality images and some of them include video to maximize conversions. In addition, the company provides a back-end automated follow-up system, which helps increase the number of sign-ups and product orders over time. These online marketing tools are provided to distributors at no additional cost. You can test drive the system for free right now, but going to

The Cons

1. The company claims the product won an award for “Best Weight Loss Product” for the last two years, but does not provide the name of what organization bestowed the award. The Skinny Fiber product has been available for the last two years, despite the network marketing company only launching seven months ago. This makes the product awards possible, however, the absence of the name of the rewarding organization may spark skepticism for some.

2. The matrix portion of the pay plan has the potential to attract passive distributors. Although this was already noted as a pro in the previous section because of the pay plans ability to allow less experience distributors to earn an income, some more experienced network marketers may see this as a potential weakness. Matrix compensation plans have the ability to create what is called “spill over,” which is based on the work of those above you in the matrix (i.e. your upline). This has the ability to attract what some may consider passive – or “lazy” – distributors who will make no effort to build their business, but instead will simply wait to profit from the work of others.


While some may question the validity of the awards received by the product, the growing number of testimonials should offer verifiable proof that will stand up to any ongoing scrutiny. And, while the pay plan may attract some less experienced distributors that choose to simply purchase the product and wait for a residual income, it could be viewed in a positive or negative light, depending on your perspective. Network marketing leaders will not wait for “spill over” and will build their business with the strategy that best suits them. Those who are new to home business building will have the opportunity to create an income with little to no work, as long as they remain an active distributor. The bottom line is that with an effective no-cost online marketing system provided to all Skinny Body Care distributors and a pay plan that has the ability to create an income for people with varying levels of experience, the opportunity to make money from home while losing weight will be seen by many people as both attractive and exciting.