Some California Obamacare Alternatives For 2019

Some California Obamacare Alternatives For 2019

While some health insurance plans have been eliminated by the CA legislature (short-term limited duration health insurance), there are still options available at lower premium cost than ACA plans.

Health Sharing Ministry

Health Sharing Ministry Plans have been exempt from the Obamacare mandate since the ACA was signed into law.  These plans a faith-based sharing plans and are not insurance plans.  Costs are shared among the members enrolled in the program.  I expect these sharing plans to continue into 2019 and beyond.  We prefer Aliera Healthcare sharing for their wide variety of heatlh share plan choices, that Aliera is not a strict denomination-based ministry, and that Aliera uses the Multiplan PHCS PPO network.  More info…

Fixed Benefit Health Insurance

The go-to alternative for some to replace short-term health insurance.  Fixed Benefit Health Plans are not limited duration and can be used short- or long-term.  Unlike major medical plans, fixed benefit plans provide a fixed payment amount for services covered under the plan.  We prefer IHC’s Fixed Benefit Plans when appropriate to solve coverage needs outside of Open Enrollment (when not ACA eligible) or when someone has premium affordability issues.  IHC’s Fixed Benefit Plan uses the Multiplan PPO network.  More info…

Accident Only Major Medical

Accident Only Major Medical plans provide health coverage for injuries resulting from accidents, but does not provide coverage for illness.  Coverage is available up to $1,000,000 and the plans are available on a short- or long-term basis.  We prefer Petersen International Accident Only Major Medical Plan.  These plans generally reimburse the member for covered services and do not pay directly to the medical provider.  These plans are available up to age 59.  More info…

Bridge Major Medical Insurance Plan

The Medical (Medicare) Bridge Plan is a major medical expense insurance plan intended for persons aged 60-95 who are awaiting acceptance as  in the U.S. Medicare System. Foreign Nationals are usually eligible to purchase Medicare Parts A & B five years after becoming U.S. Residents. While awaiting enrollment in Medicare, they may apply for coverage through The Bridge Plan. The Bridge Plan reimburses medically necessary expenses incurred. Coverage mimics Medicare with Part A and Part B options.  More info…

Short-Term Health

CA SB 910 was signed into law in late August.  The law makes it illegal to sell or renew short-term limited duration health insurance with a plan expiration date less than 12 months from the enrollment date.  Since CA law prior to SB 910 and changes made by the Obama Administration (3 months max) limited short-term health insurance to 185 days per enrollment, no insurance plan would be exempt from the new law.  As such, the last remaining major medical short-term health insurance plan (IHC) was withdrawn from the CA market on August 28th.

Aliera Healthcare currently offers a short-term healthcare sharing ministry plan in California.  It is available from 30 to 364 days per enrollment.  These plans are not insurance, they are a healthcare sharing program.  I expect Aliera should be able to continue offering this short-term healthcare sharing coverage in 2019 because they are sharing ministry plans and not health insurance.  More info…

*With any alternative healthcare coverage, it is important to read and understand any limitations, exclusions, benefit levels and waiting periods that may apply.  Some plans may be subject to medical underwriting to qualify.

*Alternative healthcare coverage plans may not be appropriate for those with ongoing healthcare needs or pre-existing health conditions or for those who receive financial assistance from Covered CA.  


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