Studying in Miami’s Atlantis University

Studying in Miami’s Atlantis University

Besides the appealing location, Atlantis University (AU) in Miami has many offerings for international students. The school strives to make innovation, global focus, and a humanistic approach their core values. Their goal is to promote personal and professional development, enliven a sense of social responsibility, and provide career-oriented students with formal training to become leaders in today’s dynamic job markets. AU’s scheduling flexibility, rich curriculum, experienced faculty members, and academic resources are all in place to help you achieve your educational and long-term professional objectives.

Prioritizing student success, Atlantis University’s missions include:

  • Cultivating excellence in higher education by utilizing techniques that are proven to impart knowledge, foster creativity, and encourage professional and personal discovery.
  • Working in partnership with the multicultural community in order to offer career-oriented courses and degrees that are accessible and affordable.
  • Promoting drive, personal achievement, and the development of ethical sensitivity in the marketplace.
  • Preparing students to become career-minded, responsible professionals.
  • Encouraging a sense of civic responsibility in students so that they graduate with the social awareness and talents that are needed to craft real solutions to community problems.

Atlantis University is committed to providing superior academic programs that include cutting-edge educational technology. They do this by training students to manage industry and social challenges with creativity, critical analysis responsibility, and commitment. AU is dedicated to cultivating integrity honesty and principles of equality within the student community. Being internationally recognized for academic excellence and having graduates who are distinguished for their professional competencies and personal virtues becomes a common goal for both student and staff.

The measure of success for any university is often dictated by the consensus of the students. In a recent survey, most students at Atlantis University said they were more than satisfied with the education, resources, and financial aid they received while attending the University.

A look at the stats:

95% of students felt good about their decision to attend AU, and 90% indicated that they would recommend AU to a friend
96% satisfied with Admissions
90% satisfied with Financial Aid
92% satisfied with Academic Progress
95% satisfied with Student Services
95% satisfied with Facilities

Discover more about Atlantis University and how you can also become one of their success stories.

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