The Dyalog APL Problem Solving Competition

The Dyalog APL Problem Solving Competition

The Dyalog APL Problem Solving Competition​ offers you the chance to compete for up to $6,500, plus an invitation to the annual Dyalog user meeting in Northern Ireland, UK!

Joining the competition is as easy as…

Step 1: Sign up
Sign up for the challenge or log in using your Student Competitions/Sqore account.

Step 2: Download the APL software
Dyalog provides an educational licence, free of charge, to all those in full time education. Apply for an educational licence here.

When applying for a licence, you need to specify the operating system that you’ll be using; the options are Linux, macOS or Microsoft Windows. Note: You need OS X Yosemite operating system on the Mac for Dyalog to run (it won’t run on an iPad or older OS X).

Step 3: Complete Phase I
In Phase I of the competition you will be introduced to APL as you tackle 10 small problems that can each be solved using a single line of APL code.

Step 4: APL Phase II
Things start to heat up in Phase II. Here you will be challenged with a set of problems of varying complexity. You’ll code your solutions and upload a file containing the code.

You can choose to answer questions within one, or all, of the following categories:

● Cryptography
● Physics
● Neural Networks

Step 5: Wait for your results!
The winners of the competition will be announced on the competition website on 3 September.

The competition is open to students and professionals around the world.


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