Top SEO Trends that Favor Small Businesses in 2018

Top SEO Trends that Favor Small Businesses in 2018

Predicting the future of any technology might be challenging. With rapid changes in the market, clearly telling what the future holds for businesses in certain markets is nearly difficult. In the SEO industry, however, the essential role played by emerging SEO trends cannot be overlooked.

In the past, numerous Algorithm updates have favored particular types of businesses. Take for instance, the Panda update that favored websites with quality content. In the same manner, there’s a growing number of SEO trends that side with small businesses.

For emerging entrepreneurs with small enterprises, taking advantage of such trends is the way to go. So, what are some of these trends?

Digital Assistant And Personalization

With each growing day, companies are realizing the need for delivering personalized products and services for their users. More so for the tech companies, there is an urgent surge to provide more personalized results for their users. That explains the growing popularity of Siri and Cortana, which are capable of amassing massive information from their users. This seems to favor local businesses centered in particular regions.

For small business owners, this is an opportunity for them to tailor their businesses to their locality. Most digital assistants provide results based on customer’s buying history and particular local businesses; seemingly favoring small businesses in the process. Unless such searches are tagged to particular brands, most of the SERPs highlighted will be such kinds of businesses.

Social Signals

BlogPress Content MarketingNot so many people seem to understand the concept of social signals in the SEO world. For some, it is like content marketing and sharing of quality content online. If you have held that belief, even for a second, it might be the ideal time to know that things work differently. When content is shared online through social media, it increases chances of obtaining more inbound links. Consequently, there will be an indirect boost of its rank.

It is even more apparent that social businesses are likely to play a bigger role in subsequent months or years. For smaller businesses operating within a specified locality, this is an opportunity to rock it big. If you might have noticed, Google is working its way out in integrating social media results in its SERPs. In the future, there may be results based on social contacts. For small businesses operating in tight niches and with better relationships with each other, this is an opportunity worth reaping from.

Local SEO Trends

It is no secret; local searches are getting more popular with each growing day. In future, it is bound to get bigger and even more significant. People are increasingly looking for goods and services within their localities. Apparently, Google seems to have noticed the same trend too. From the Pigeon update in 2014 to the recent upgrade in local 3 pack result instead of the 7 pack, all indications point towards the fact that Google is growing more sensitive with local searches. Even more, the increased popularity of smart phone searches has made things easy because many people submit their geographical location by default.

In the coming years, local searches will step up even further and small businesses that take advantage of this opportunity will have something to smile about at the end of the day. Most notably, the inevitable trends of wearable devices and mobile technology will increase local searches. Since most of the local businesses comprise small to middle size enterprises, there is more to smile about.

Reduction In Popularity Of Generalized Keywords

In recent years, there have been tremendous changes in SEO in regard to search terms. In the past, many large businesses set aside huge budgets for Generalized keywords and reaped significantly from their efforts. A new trend in the SEO world is the preference for long-tail keywords and conversational searches has changed the rules of the game. Apparently, more users are going for the low-competition phrases and smaller businesses with less capital to invest in competitive keywords have everything to gain.

If utilized appropriately, this is a better platform for such enterprises to gain better visibility in search engine results.

Easier Entry To SEO Optimization

You might fail to agree with me on this, but gaining entry into search engine optimization race is now easier than ever before. With Algorithm changes, execution of SEO optimization has become more approachable and bearable than ever before.

Unlike the past eras when one had to hire an SEO Agency to calculate keyword density and focus on building all manner of links, The new SEO trend is to to focus on promoting quality content and building healthy links with publishers to increase search visibility. The platform is fairer and favorable for all kinds of businesses.

The entities that stand to gain because of this are the small enterprises that had difficulties penetrating the tight SEO world.

It’s Here To Stay

Apparently, 80% customers tend to check online reviews before seeking services either online or in the brick and mortar offices. Very soon, everyone will be looking for services online.

For small businesses that are just getting their hands in the market, this is a massive opportunity to gain from. All you need to do is have unwavering online reputation. It is easier managing your brand reputation as a small entity than when your wings have stretched beyond certain borders.

In the coming years, search engines are going to favor the small businesses that are willing to step boldly into a sector that was once dominated by big corporate names. As usual, fortunes favor the bold and in this case, smaller entities that are willing to battle it out with established enterprises.

The race for search engine optimization dominance is growing stiffer with every new day. However, the fact that recent and developing SEO trends are in favor of small businesses is an inevitable aspect.

The signs are already on the wall for all to see. For the business owner who is willing to raise his eyes, analyze the trends and implement the necessary moves, the future is brighter and more promising than ever before!

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