Why Can’t I Find My New Blog On Google? — Blogging Black Book

Why Can’t I Find My New Blog On Google? — Blogging Black Book


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If you have just started a new blog, and are feeling frustrated because you can’t find it on Google, don’t give up! That would be like starting a new workout program, and getting upset two days later because you’re not all buffed out!

However, you have just begun a journey that can be very profitable and fulfilling, if you stick with it. Blogging IMHO is by far the simplest and least expensive way to start a business online to make some money, maybe even enough to replace your day job if you’re willing to work for it.

Does Google care that you’re excited about your new blog and want the world to see it? Unfortunately, no. Google does not care one little bit about your new project. Google cares about one thing and one thing only – providing the best possible search results to its customers who search for something on Google. So you have to prove that your content is worthy of being on that list.

It’s a hard pill for many new bloggers to swallow, but it takes time (more than you’re thinking right now) and effort to prove yourself worthy of the search engine gods.

SEO is a strategy of helping a website rank higher in search engines via the natural or organic search results
SEO is a strategy of helping a website rank higher in search engines via the natural or organic search results

So Why Doesn’t Google Include My New Blog In The Search Results?

OK, that is an entirely fair question.

Just imagine that you go to Google and search for “How To Lose 15 Pounds Before Christmas…“

Think about how you would feel if the first 10 results were all brand new sites with only 1-2 posts published on them… And then imagine those results are about losing weight slowly and over the next 12 months, but not about losing weight quickly. You would feel frustrated and annoyed and probably find a better search engine!

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What you really want to see is 10 articles with different ideas and ways to lose 15 pounds quickly. And, you also want those sites to also include tips on nutrition and exercise, maybe even some step-by-step videos to walk you through the process, etc. When you search Google, you EXPECT and DEMAND to see the best possible answers to your question.

This is why your BRAND NEW BLOG is not on that list! Not YET, but it will be.

How to Get Attention newspaper headline promising advice and tips on getting good exposure and awareness through public relations, marketing or communication techniques

But My New Blog Is A Terrific Resource! What’s The Issue?

Here’s another scenario. You are a content machine, and you have published 30 posts on weight loss and exercise – you’ve covered it all from every possible angle. Your blog is an excellent resource, and it also looks great, even on mobile!

But your blog still does not show up on Google…

Again, let’s go back to our workout analogy. I don’t care if you do everything right for 2 solid weeks, you are still not going to be all buffed out. You’ll look better, and you’ll feel better, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ve reached your long-term fitness goals in 2 weeks.

It’s the same with Google.

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You Have To Prove Your Worth…

According to WordPress.com, there are currently more than 84 million blog posts made every month – just on their platform! That does not even include the self-hosted WordPress installations and other blogging platforms. Here’s a link to the post to get the current numbers: https://wordpress.com/activity/.

Google has to sort through ALL of that data and send their customers to the best and most dependable sites for information. They need to know you’re in it for the long run and that your site is stable. They need to see a history of excellent content and reliable site performance.

Google knows that tons of people “start a blog” but very few of those will ever publish more than 3 blog posts and stick around for more than 6 months. The big mistake that most new bloggers make is that they do not set realistic expectations, and just quit blogging before they really even get started!

So why on earth would Google risk the success of their business and show their valuable customers a link to a brand new blog that was created last week and only has 1 post?

No way! They’re going to show links to the more established blogs that have been around for at least 6 months, are steadily growing, and have tons of excellent content on the topic in question.

So When WILL My New Blog Show Up On Google?

I’ve been in the blogging business for a long time, and the short the answer is… there’s just no way to know. :/

What I have found is that it will most likely be anywhere from one month to 6 months… And that assumes that you actually put in the effort and DO SOMETHING with your blog to make it worthwhile for Google to show your content to their visitors.

Once again, Google will include your site in search results when and only when Google thinks your content is worthy of being incorporated into the Google search results.

But, guess what? This is actually an excellent thing for you!

Most people are lazy and not willing to work for anything. So, if you are eager to put in the time and effort, YOU will have a lot of opportunities to succeed.

How Can People Find My New Blog While I’m Waiting For Google?

Of course, you want your friends, family, and everyone else to start reading your blog, but how can they find it if it’s not listed on Google yet?

This is where that time and effort part starts to come into play…

Until your blog gets indexed and shows up on Google, you’re going to have to manually send people to it. When you publish a new blog post, you will email the link out to friends and family and share it on social media. Every time.

Sharing your posts and getting other people to share them as well is one way that you can show Google you’re serious. That’s how it begins, and it’s a process referred to as “organic growth.” Organic growth is one of the things Google needs to see before they will show your blog in the search results.

So, make a new blog post at least once per week and send your friends an email with the link to it! Also, share each and every post with your friends on social media!

BlogPress: Blogging Tips & Tricks

10 Tips To Get Your Blog To Show Up On Google Faster

Sharing your blog posts will get the process started. But that’s only the beginning.

Here are 10 more tips that will help your blog get listed on Google faster.

1. Hit The Ground Running

This one may seem silly, but 80% or more of new bloggers, write 1 or 2 posts and sit back and wait… This is a recipe for failure. Instead, you’ll want to behave like the successful blogger you are from the very beginning. How often you should publish new posts depends on several factors such as your industry, budget, and what your followers want, but you’ll definitely want to release an original blog post at least 1-2 times per week from day 1!

2. Choose A Solid Blog Host

I personally use and recommend the BlogPress Premium Plan. Managed WordPress hosting lets someone else worry about the techie side of things so that you can focus on blogging and social media and making money!

If you’re brand new and have no idea where to start, then I recommend the BlogPress Basic Plan because of the training and support that you need to learn “how to blog.” (Alternatively, you can hire me to help you every step of the way :))

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Both of the blog hosting and training options above are solid and reliable. This is important because Google needs to see that your site is up ALL the time and that it loads fast and is mobile responsive (looks good on all devices.) To ensure that your blog looks great on every device, I recommend going with a premium theme from StudioPress. BlogPress provides all of the StudioPress premium themes for you at no additional cost.

3. Choose A Solid Topic To Blog About

Don’t be afraid of the popular niches. Yes, there’s competition, but there’s also a ton of people searching for that topic, and your job is to be yourself and fill in the gaps. More on that later…

You don’t have to be #1 (or even on page 1 of Google) to get millions of visitors to your blog. I personally have had blogs with ZERO #1 rankings that have gotten more than a million hits per month. Yes, really.

Remember what I said. Most people give up and quit within 6 months. If you can outlast your competition, you will be successful.

4. Add Shareable Images To Your Posts

Images can make a good blog great! Even better is to use a tool like Stencil. Again, Google needs to see other people sharing and liking your content. The more this happens, the sooner your site will get listed in the search results.

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5. Publish Engaging, Useful Content, That People Actually Want To Read!

This should be obvious, but it’s not. Far too many people put out mediocre and boring content just to get something out there. Don’t be that guy (or gal)!

It’s critical to write and share content that people want to read. It should help them SOLVE A PROBLEM, show them HOW TO do something, answer a NAGGING question, or merely make them FEEL SOMETHING. Ironically, some of my most successful posts have been highly controversial topics, so don’t be afraid of pissing people off ;).

Yes, you should publish a lot of content, but never sacrifice quality for quantity. If you only have time to write 1 solid article per week, then it’s better to do that than to put out 3 pieces of mediocre content. Take the time to do it right!

6. Consistency Is King

Set up a publishing schedule and stick to it. If you’re going to publish one article per week, then do that – every week. I also recommend sticking to the same day and time each week so that your followers know what to expect. That day and time are different for everyone, so test, test, test, and then when you find the right day, stick to it!

7. Engage With Other Influencers In Your Industry

Connect with other influential bloggers in your niche and leave comments on their blog, link to their most helpful posts.  Generally, they will be more than happy to do the same for you. Blogging and making money online is a very cooperative industry. There is more than enough for everyone!

8. Promote Your Blog On Social Media – A Lot

This means sharing every new post on social media more than once. In the beginning, it’s up to you. YOU have to be your own best salesman, and in time, your following will grow on its own.

If you follow tip #4, you should have several different images to share on social media for each post. I do not recommend sharing the same image and text over and over again – that’s just annoying. Instead, I use a tool called Missinglettr to auto-drip the same article 9 times over a year using different text and images.

When you share a link to your article on social media, it’s a brand new link back to your brand new blog. When other people like your content enough to share it, guess what? Even more high-quality backlinks!

Also, share content that is published by your favorite influencers. When your blog is new, you don’t have enough of your own material to keep your social media followers engaged, so you’ll want to provide value by sharing other people’s content. Just make sure that it actually offers real value to your followers. I use Buffer to follow and schedule posts from other influencers.

So, Missinglettr keeps my posts going, and Buffer fills in the rest with other people’s high-value content.

The next obvious question here is how often to post to social media.

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9. Grow Your Email List NOW

It’s never too soon to start growing your email list. Make it super easy for your viewers to subscribe to your email list. Your email list is an excellent way to get repeat viewers and add page views to your new blog. If Google sees that you can get readers to come back, they will be more apt to send you their traffic!

And even better, in time your email list will be where a significant amount of your monthly revenue comes from!

I recommend and use ActiveCampaign for email list management.

10. Get The Help And Support You Need To Succeed Online

I don’t care what all of the so-called guru’s say, blogging is hard, especially if you’ve never done it before! A critical component to your success is to make sure that you have someone there to help you when you get stuck – and you will get stuck. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

If you don’t get help from me, at least make sure that you have someone on your side who will be there for you to answer your questions and help you with the day-to-day blogging tasks that you need to do to be successful online.

If you would like to see all the ways I can help you, click here to learn more.


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